SICK THEORIES promo CD - Lyrics


Heartblocks fail to strike,
impunctate of fear laws,
young minds are jaunty -
indexed priorities;
Mistime loose dogs nuzzle up dead shells.
Revolution for nothing,
opulent graveyards -
panning out the importance.
Peril is none,
none is at one's own peril.
Tiredsome conversations,
tumid mind is tuner no more.
Vagueness expressed utterly,
silence is passive.

Tis written about two years ago. It's oftenly heeded this: many cool youngsters prance about this or that without ever shutting their mouths up. After hanging out with some friends, we've noticed that we rarely bulge anyone's brain with what we're doing in our private lives and for sure, never promote our public image. I mean, come on, who the fuck cares anyway? So the lyrics are about this informal game between someone's chattering and someone else's tested patience.

Annals of drunk bridesmen,
breakneck speed explosion oozed,
car crush blackout -
donkeys have the habit.
That's established foolishness.
Exhibits of virtues,
super powers obtained by force.
A wheel stuck in the head,
one eye left open.
Gimcracks still define poverty.
Frisky lives are the same over frontless years.
Rumors spoke of marijuana,
death hunts in game preserves -
no licence needed.

About three or four years ago, we had this shit happening over and over and over again. About ten young kids whom the origin was my birth place (Messine) passed away due to car/motorcycle racings. As we were closer to their age it happened that we knew most of them and that's the fact: usually they raced against other stupid fellas after having got stoned or drunk to the bone. It had almost turned out to become a custom tradition. Of course, even if the death of young people is something to be ever sorry of, I feel no pity for their stupidity. Perhaps a little mercy goes out to their relatives who have obviously hurt the most.

Stoke my anger.
This tipsy moment deserves a grave,
the worst of all among deaths,
a bloodied reverie shit like.
You're the cheating partisan,
a nuissance and null.
God wot!
Am I supposed to be the stupid in this deviant story?

The concept of this one derogates from the cheating tactics. It's a classic "who puts the blame?" case on facts that've happened because of treacherous minds. Moreover, in this short text the quality of human hypostasis is tested, yet no analyzed. Simply words of anger that are just adverted.